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Hormone Alternatives

Balancing your hormones without the use of drugs

Many women and men are frustrated and confused about the process of hormone or bio- identical hormone therapy (bHRT). Some have no access to specialty providers, and think their provider will only offer up synthetic hormones which raise concerns about the health risks of these medications.

Others began using hormone replacement therapy but did not get the expected results, or they just plain can’t afford it anymore.

These women and men feel stuck, thinking they can’t afford the time, effort, or expense of synthetic or compounded hormones. And that’s just not necessary, since there are so many wonderful options and alternatives available.

Phytotherapy: at home with your hormones.

Our endocrine system is a complex network of inter-communicating hormones that control, affect or influence just about everything that happens in our bodies. It consists of many small glands that secrete hormones in response to various signals throughout the body. These hormones, in turn, relay instructions to our various organs and tissues.

Phytocrines (‘phyto’ + ‘endocrine’) is a term that refers to biologically active plant molecules. Phytocrines share several key features with our own hormones. 

We have created our own Personal Program specifically for women and men who want an alternative to HRT safely using these natural alternatives.

Natural measures work synergistically to help relieve symptoms and balance your hormones yet pose a mere fraction of the potential HRT risk.

We offer programs for:

  • Perimenopause and Menopause
  • Andropause / Low T
  • Low Thyroid Function
  • Adrenal Fatigue

Bind to hormone receptors. Plant molecules can weakly or temporarily bind to hormone receptors, which lead to their ability to behave like the body’s own hormones.

Mimic hormone function. Once plant molecules attach to hormone receptors, they can imitate many hormone functions (i.e. promoting or blocking actions), which prompts the same physiological responses to our natural hormones. (Phytoestrogens are probably best-known for this.)

Encourage hormone production. Plants can gently stimulate the body’s tissues to generate more of their own native hormones.

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