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Body Odor? Here’s What its Pointing Out about Your Health

Everybody sweats from time to time, and it is normal. In fact, sweating is your skins way of detoxifying, its essential. We’ve all noticed ourselves (and others) smelling a little ripe at a point in time as well, this too is normal.  One thing you should be aware of is your own personal smell. If you’ve ever noticed yourself smelling a little off, either stronger or different from the scent you usually emit, this can be an indication that something about your health is also off. 

Many different parts of our bodies can emit odors, the mouth, armpits and genital areas are the general suspects. They all have different and oftentimes distinct odors that can indicate very different things.

If your breath is smelling a little bit more strong than normal, including when you first wake up, this can mean anything from a decaying tooth to your gut bacteria being out of balance, or even an oncoming sickness like a stomach virus. No amount of brushing could eliminate your bad breath if it is caused by an imbalanced gut.  An absence of harsh smelling breath can imply that your digestive tract is balanced. 

Healthy bacteria live within our bodies as well as on the surface of our skin, this is regular and essential. Though, if too many of these bacterias were to accumulate on your skin and even mix with some sweat, your body odor can become stronger.  Or take for instance sweating because of stress. Most people report that their smell is much more pungent from sweating that was caused by stress rather than from physical activity.

In the case of a person with liver disease, it is common for them to suffer from excessive sweating and also emit a smell similar to that of rotten eggs. Excessive sweat accompanied by odor can also affect those suffering from kidney failure.  Diabetic ketoacidosis, which is the result of a blood sugar spike, can lead to fruity smelling breath as well as strong body odor. 

Just like a well-trained chef smells their herbs before using them to ensure that their flavors are right, we should know our own odors and take notice when those smells seem off in any way.  If you happen to notice anything about your natural body odor being off, or more strong, take your body's warning and act accordingly.

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